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Your advertisement will appear on our Website and Radio Stations Player.


Developing Your Advertisement Campaign

We are flexible and can work with you on all aspects of your advertising campaign.  We can help you to target your advertisements (locally, nationally and globally) in a particular City, Region, State or Country to attract people and potential customers.


Your Advertisement On

When people (visitors, listeners, followers, members) visit Website, Radio Stations/Players, they will be able to view and access/read your advertisements in many different languages on each page of our Website, and seven Radio Stations/Players billboards and banners.


Getting Customers To Your Website

When anyone visits Website and clicks on your ad, it will take them to your Website where they can learn more about your business, products and services or make a purchase.


Benefits Of Advertising With

  1. Website and Radio Stations/Players attract millions of visitors and listeners from around the world, significantly increasing the number of people and potential customers to your website.
  2. You have access to all the pages on our Website and Seven Radio Stations/Players that can carry your Advertisements in many different languages, and on different size billboards and banners 24/7.

Cost & Budget

You have control of your budget, so you can focus on geographic targeting, and days and times you want your advertisement to run/appear.  Regardless of your budget we can work with you to have your ads displayed on Website and Radio Stations/Players.


Take advantage of our Combo-Ad-Package which includes:

  • Advertisements on all pages of our website in many languages
  • On-air commercials/advertisements
  • Advertisements on seven radio stations players billboards and banners.


Enquire and take advantage of our ad specials.

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