Tim Bowman, Instrumental and Smooth jazz Artist

Timothy “Tim” Bowman is a smooth jazz and gospel musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He started his music career, in 1996, with the release of, “Love, Joy, Peace”. In 1998 the album “Paradise” followed, and in 2000, the album “Smile” was released. Other albums include, “This Is What I Hear”, released in 2004, and in 2008 his fifth (Self-titled) album “Tim Bowman” broke through onto the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.





Born: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Genre: smooth jazz, gospel, Contemporary jazz,

Tim Bowman was born Timothy Bowman on April 22, 1959 in Detroit, Michigan. His older sister is Vickie Winans, who was a member of International Sounds of Deliverance.

He started playing the guitar at 11 years old, and he became a member of The Winans, for a short time during the early to mid-1980s as their guitarist, after getting an invite to play a show at Mercy College in the presence of Andraé Crouch. Following his desire to pursue a solo career, Bowman left the Winans in 1987

His solo music recording career got started in May 1996, with the release of his debut album, “Love, Joy, Peace”, by INSP Media Group (Insync Music)/Diamante Records. They only made 2,000 units to sell in his hometown of Detroit, and in the span of five weeks half of the units were sold. The labels decided to sell the album nationwide that October.

Tim released two more albums with the labels. In 1998, “Paradise” and in 2000, “Smile”. The subsequent album, “This Is What I Hear”, was released by Liquid 8 Records on August 3, 2004. His fifth album, “Tim Bowman”, released on September 30, 2008 by Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records. This album was his breakthrough onto the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Albums chart, and it peak of No. 15. He has placed four songs on the Smooth Jazz Songs chart over the course of his career.

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