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Submit Music For Airplay


It is very simple to submit music to “TheJazzVnU.com” for consideration/airplay.  Send us a few cuts (MP3 file) from the albums you would like to submit for airplay.  We will review the music sample submitted to make sure the music fits with our format.


It takes about 1-week to review music sent to us.  If your music is accepted, we will request that you send album (s) to the address listed below.  You can also use other available platforms to get your music to ThejazzVnU.com.


TheJazzVnU.com has a policy that requires all artists whose music has been accepted for airplay to send us the albums/CDs of the music accepted.  In addition please provide us with a short bio and contact information.


Send CDs / MP3 files to: godsey@thejazzvnu.com