About JazzVnu, Jazz Radio Online

ThejazzVnU.com (JAZZVNU) is an Innovative global and mainstream free Jazz radio station online where all music lovers can experience the Best Romantic Jazz. We are keeping jazz alive and romantic, and moving it into the future with six personalized jazz genres, from Vocal jazz, Latin Jazz, Classic Jazz, Instrumental Jazz and Smooth Jazz to our new Urbane jazz genre.


Our Mission
To provide music lovers around the world and from all walks of life with a distinctive blend of Jazz Music and songs that are Enjoyable, Romantic, Relaxing and Entertaining.

Our Vision
To establish a truly global and mainstream jazz radio station where all music lovers can experience and share the best romantic Jazz, wherever they are, whenever they want and as often as they want.

Our Philosophy
To continually leverage Internet technology to sustain a cutting-edge dynamic Internet (Jazz) radio station, where music lovers can access and enjoy the best high quality online streaming jazz music 24/7.

Our Values

As an entertainment organization we:

•     Embrace all forms of art and cultural expressions

•     Respect cultural and social differences

•     Work with teams in the global community to sustain the  advancement of music around the world

•     Hold ourselves accountable for everything we say and do

•     Create value for our members, listeners, customers, and business partners.