About the Artist: Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa


Genre: Pop, Pop-Jazz


Singer/songwriter, Douye’, holds her own as she steps up to center stage with her new album, which is due to be released in the  latter part of this year.  The songs on the new album were inspired by her life experiences and time well spent with professional writers and producers.  “I love the creative process of making music and how one can breathe life into a song, sometimes, almost immediately after writing it; it’s a special feeling that gives complete satisfaction to the soul”. “This album reflects growth and who I am musically,” she said.  This Rhine-River, Lagos born Nigerian, sings music that comes blended to perfection, rich in rhythm & soul with a splash of jazz.


As a child, Douye’  listened to great jazz singers such as Dinah Washington, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and other jazz, pop and soul artists played in the home, by her parents.  In no time, her father, “Landy” quickly realized the interest Douye’ had for music and encouraged her to pursue her musical dream. “While growing up, I dreamed of becoming a singer.  I am so happy that my family remains supportive of my dream”.  As a part of her musical journey, Douye’ travelled to Europe and later migrated to the United States to study voice at the acclaimed Musicians Institute (MI) in the heart of Hollywood, California.  It was at MI that she was introduced to renowned, producer and songwriter, Terry Shaddick of the UK.  Shortly after that, Terry and Douye teamed up and wrote the songs on her freshman album, “Journey.”   Douye’ is often compared to music legends, Sade and Anita Baker; “I admire and respect these women and their artistry and being compared to them is truly an honor”.


On the new album Douye and Shaddick, once again capture her distinct sound that is timeless, smoky, and refreshing.  With a voice that sounds as smooth as chocolate;  Douye’ and her team came up with the idea to create her own brand of chocolate, simply called “Douye’.   As to how this silky jazz, pop, contemporary artist feels about her new music project, she simply says, “bella”.  She looks forward to the release of her upcoming album and connecting with her fans worldwide.  She is excited about performing and giving it her all on stage by reaching out to her audience with her soothing, sultry, and sensual voice.


One can see why this chic and stylishly dressed woman walks tall in confidence and pride which embraces her heritage.   She projects an aura of class and success.  Douye’ is a singer, whose inviting voice possesses depth and passion.  Led by courage and perseverance, a father’s dream and having the gift of song, this artist is definitely going places.